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Blogs for Bank Marketers to Follow

My Favorite Blogs (and e-Newsletters)

Our industry is changing at a crazy pace and it’s hard for a time-strapped bank marketer to keep up. Here are some blogs that I’ve discovered that help me keep up with all thing related to bank marketing. Feel free to add ideas of your own in the comments.

Tip: Getting Started
After you’ve read through my list, I suspect that you’ll want to follow many of these bloggers. And, I know that it’s hard to find the time to follow so many. So, I’ve provided their Twitter addresses; start by following them on Twitter. That way, you’ll get the heads-up on their new blog posts and can check them out and see what you think. Over time, you’ll be able to narrow it down to a few favorites to subscribe to (or not!).

My Top Five Favorites

Bank Marketing Strategy Blog
Jim Marous never covers a bank marketing topic half way. His in-depth articles and analysis are a goldmine for marketers. Every time I read one of his posts, I am amazed at the amount of work and thought that he puts into each one. And, Jim often includes helpful charts and graphs. The top categories (# of posts) on his site are account onboarding, online and mobile banking, engagement, direct marketing, fee income, revenue, payments, relationship banking, rewards, small business and social media. You can find him at and he frequently shares information on LinkedIn. Twitter: @JimMarous

The Financial Brand Website and Blog
Http:// is a top notch resource for Bank Marketers. If you aren’t subscribing to their weekly posts, you’re missing out. They have so many great articles and links to other articles, it can be hard to keep up. They discuss all the latest topics in financial marketing, bank branding and research. You can count on The Financial Brand to share successful campaigns, showcase what FIs are doing in social media, provide updates on evolving branch designs and strategies, provide news about banking services, mobile and online channels, developments in payments and more. They also offer a vendor directory designed especially for bank marketers and tons of resources. Twitter: @FinancialBrand

BAI Banking Strategies e-Newsletter
The Bank Administration Institute publishes a daily electronic newsletter called BAI Banking Strategies that features one new, in-depth article and then a capsulized version of the latest in banking news. It’s a great resource for me on bank marketing trends, new research, branch and channel strategies, etc. It’s one of my favorite sources of information about banking, banking services and marketing. BAI also publishes a free BAI Banking Strategies Executive Report that you can download from their website at featuring several articles each time. They host the BAI Retail Delivery Conference, offer compliance training and certifications, publish whitepapers and have an industry online forum. Twitter: @BAI_Info

JD Power and Associates Banking Blog
JD Power and Associates shares awesome research that will help you be a better, more informed bank marketer. They also offer free webinars from time to time to share more in-depth results. Full research studies can be purchased at a reasonable cost when you need all the details. They have excellent blog posts, covering new research and sharing bank marketing strategy and insights that will keep you coming back.  They say that their blog is designed to serve the banking professional looking to master the voice of the customer. Twitter: @JDPowerBanking

Bank Innovation Blog
Check out for the most up-to-date news on banking services, payments, bank marketing, mobile and online channels, innovative approaches and more. If it’s new, different or in flux, they’re writing about it. Sign up for their RSS feed, and you’ll get a daily email in your box with links to their posts as well as newsworthy articles from other banking experts. I like the fact that they don’t overwhelm you with info every day. Bank Innovation is produced by Royal Media Group. Twitter: @BankInnovation

More Really Good Blogs to Follow

Banc Investment Daily e-Newsletter
Okay, this isn’t a blog, but the daily e-newsletter, designed for community banks and produced by PCBB Capital Markets, reads like one. It comes to your email box and is only available by free subscription (go to Almost every issue is a gem for bank marketers. Each one-page newsletter (love their brevity) has a primary article as well as bullet recaps of newsworthy items, research statistics, mergers, rates, new regs, and info on banking trends. They approach each issue with a bit of humor and somehow manage to tie it all together. It is one of my best resources for good information on banking and product trends, customer service, sales, useful banking statistics, marketing to small biz, bank tech, planning, marketing, websites, social media in banking…the list goes on.

Allegiance Blog
Allegiance helps companies drive growth and profitability through improved customer and employee engagement. I worked with them a few years ago to design an integrated Customer Comment Center for my bank. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the research they do on customer service and engagement and have downloaded many of their white papers. Their blog is a great way to keep up with current trends in voice of the customer and to do so in smaller bites. You can follow them at Twitter: @AllegianceTweet

The Raddon Report
The Raddon Report is produced by the Raddon Financial Group, a business that focuses solely on the financial industry. They publish “for the sole purpose of relating their fact-based research with the opinions, insights and recommendations of their analysts.” Raddon conducts research and uses it to offer great insights into consumer behaviors and perceptions and they do it in an easy-to-understand graph format. The highlight for me as a bank marketer is their “Chart of the Day” segment. You can find them at Twitter: @TheRaddonReport

Gonzo Banker e-Newsletter
Gonzo Banker is an e-newsletter produced by Cornerstone Advisors. Through it, they offer their “take—good and bad—on the technologies, vendors, strategies and other things we run across in the trenches of the banking industry.” While not all of their articles are geared to bank marketers, enough are to make this a great newsletter to subscribe to. To sign up for their email list, go to They also offer an occasional webinar offer and they have links to interesting articles and posts by other financial experts under the “Stats and Tidbits” menu. Twitter: @GonzoBanker

Strategic Marketing
MarketMatch is a financial marketing business and that’s the focus of their blog—Strategic Marketing. Most of their posts are brief and to the point, sharing their personal perspective on different aspects of financial marketing. Several members of the MarketMatch team post their thoughts about current bank and credit union marketing and strategy. Check them out at or follow them on LinkedIn where they frequently post links to their blog or watch their videos via YouTube. Twitter: @MarketMatch, @BAClapp and @EGagliano

I just recently found this site created by Intuit Financial Services. You can find it at and it’s worth checking out. While there is less of a focus on marketing than many of the others, the posts about current trends in financial services are very helpful for bank marketers. Intuit bloggers discuss current banking research and trends, regularly share social media statistics, talk about how FIs are using social media, cover financial industry news and share links to what they’re reading… pretty interesting stuff. They also have a financial institution spotlight and there are several interviews about FIs using social media in that section. Twitter: @Bankingdotcom

Snarketing 2.0 Blog
Ron Shevlin’s thought-provoking, and yes sometimes snarky, blog posts will challenge your thinking about banking and financial marketing. Ron is a senior analyst and marketing consultant at the Aite Group where “he specializes in retail banking issues including sales and marketing technologies, customer and marketing analytics, social media, customer experience and consumer behavior,” and most of his blog posts (there are hundreds) are in those categories. You can find his blog at Twitter: @RShevlin

Financial Marketing Insights Blog &
Go to to review posts by Steve Topper and Joe Swatek with Acton Marketing, a company that helps financial institutions with new customer acquisition and cross selling. Many of their posts discuss and critique elements of financial marketing they come across including direct mail, advertising, special offers, websites as well as bank promotions and campaigns. They also share their thoughts on current banking products and services and discuss how banks and credit unions are promoting them. Twitter: @ACTON_Marketing

Another member of the Acton team, Mark Zmarzly, has his own blog, which is also worth checking out. He covers similar topics but has more posts about banks on social media. Twitter: @BankMarketing

Jeff for Banks
Jeff Marsico’s blog is one of the first blogs I discovered and bookmarked. He offers interesting insights on what bank execs around the country are saying and shares valuable information from his consulting work with a variety of FIs. Jeff has his finger on the pulse of community banking, and while his posts focus more on the financial side, he covers marketing-related issues as well. The link to his site is  Twitter: @JeffMarsico

If you want to stay current on the latest in banking tech news, FI websites, mobile and online banking, payments (pre-paid, card, digital, P2P, etc.), follow NetBanker at They are a leader in bank-related tech research and they regularly share lovely nuggets of information in their blog posts. They also offer affordable access to their full research studies when you need the full scoop. Netbanker is a service of the Online Financial Innovations, the publisher of the Online Banking Report (OBR). Twitter: @NetBanker

I just recently found this blog so I am still exploring. You can, too, by going to Marketing-related topics that they tackle regularly include trends, customer acquisition and retention, customer experience and customer service. With their business focus on the loan automation business, they offer more posts from a credit perspective than some of the other blogs mentioned here.  Twitter: @EricLindeen

Your Thoughts? Do You Have Another to Add to the List?